Phillip Crews

The Clay Walker Foundation
June 13, 2023

Phillip Crews, a resident of Nashville, TN, celebrated his 50th birthday on August 11th. For the past 9 years, since his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS), Phillip has experienced progressive deterioration of his health. What started as balance problems and the inability to go up and down steps without a hand rail advanced to needing a walker or a cane to conduct his daily activities.

In June, Phillip joined us at the Chords of Hope Benefit at 3rd and Lindsley, in the heart of Nashville. He enjoyed the music of Clay Walker, Hal Ketchum, Jerrod Niemann and Sarah Marince. As a Nashville local, Phillip knows a good show when he sees one, and he’s no stranger to the music scene.

Much of his life work consisted of stagehand gigs with famous bands, both inside and outside Nashville. Phillip recounted exciting moments working with the Rolling Stones, Steven Tyler, Bon Jovi, and many others who performed at Starwood or Dancing in the District in Nashville. The Atlanta Olympics also made it possible for Phillip to be a stagehand for Dave Matthews.

When his loss of balance no longer allowed him to continue his job as a stagehand, Phillip turned his eye to being a limousine driver and bought his own limo. His business was so successful that he was able to upgrade to a 10-passenger limo and life was great. Eventually, however, his peripheral vision was affected by MS, forcing him to quit driving and discontinue his business.

Phillip’s favorite quote is “Don’t dwell on what you cannot do, but what you can do.” Though Phillip has limited mobility and uses a walker with a seat or a cane, he still gets around and makes every day count.

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