Stefanie Remington

The Clay Walker Foundation
June 13, 2023

Imagine winning the pageant of your dreams. Being twenty two years old, in college, a chance to tell the world about your platform and then suddenly, without warning, you are unable to speak or walk. Unaware of what is attacking you, you become trapped in a body that requires constant care and may not even survive.

This is exactly what happened to Ms. American Renaissance 2008, Stefanie Remington. A firm supporter of the Special Olympics and the MS Society, Stefanie spent whatever free time she could coaching kids and raising awareness for the very disease that instantly changed her life.

Four months into her reign she was running errands for her cousin’s bridal shower. She complained of a headache and went home to lie down. She was found by her Father unable to talk or walk. At the hospital she was diagnosed with a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis. Within three weeks Stefanie had 8 new lesions appear on her brain. It was so severe that she required 24 hour care.

For Stefanie’s family, friends and fellow queens, witnessing this young lady’s courage and determination has been a very humbling experience. As the treatments began to heal her and she became aware of what had happened, she found herself trapped, unable to communicate, and yet resolute as ever to beat the odds. She accepted her suffering and never looked back, encouraging us all to move forward. Her empathy toward others is remarkable and her strength unmatched. Her goal was to join her sister queens in Orlando in June to crown her successor and she made it. Stefanie was also crowned as a Ms. Royal American Renaissance Lifetime Queen in honor of the battle she has been facing with MS.

Stefanie has volunteered with the MS Society for 10 years and coached both shot put and basketball for Special Olympics. She herself was a 3 sport athlete in high school and was just 2 semesters away from graduating from the University of Washington with her Bachelor’s degree when she was struck down by this unpredictable disease.

Stefanie continues to improve every day and is determined to be able to go back to school and finish her degree. She also wants to raise awareness of MS and this year the American Renaissance National Pageant will donate all of the proceeds of the Ms. Spirit American Renaissance competition to BAMS in hopes of helping to find a cure and help others battling this disease.

Stefanie resides in Maple Valley, Washington with her father, Michael. She also has her mother, Janet, a brother, Ed and sister, Michelle, all in Washington state. Stefanie also has 3 nieces that she adores, Peyton, Cheyenne and Lillian.

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